8 Ways to Make Your Winter Fashion Statement a Success For You and Your Wallet

By | November 5, 2014

As winter draws colder and the nights are short, the mornings colder and last years coat old and worn, we all desire the winter fashion statement that will keep us looking better than the next guy or girl. What we never want and especially this winter, is the wallet or card hit that usually comes with the purchase of our winter wardrobe revival. What I am about to tell you will if you scan your minds come as no surprise, however in times of economic prosperity we ignore it, perhaps because we are care free, or perhaps because we are lazy or, and I am sure this is the case for most of us, perhaps the lure of the high street and the fresh smell and feel of that new purchase is far too appealing.

The following advice will help mix the old with the new,

1. Clothing Swap, ultimately we all have friends, who like us have too many clothes that we have bought in rushes of excitement. Sometimes these clothes just don’t get worn, either they don’t fit just right or we just change our mind. Get together with a group of friends and bring clothes old or new that are of good quality and obviously clean. See what you can swap your friends. It is just like shopping but far less expensive and a lot of fun for an evening event.

2. Shop Online. If you have access to the internet at home and let’s face it, if you have time to read this you probably do. Look on the internet for new clothes as opposed to the high street. There are a number of advantages to this. First when you shop online you will not feel pressured into buying the garment if you are not absolutely sure, even if you leave the online shop it will be there when you log back on again. Also when you shop online you avoid the cost of making your way to the local high street, with fuel prices high, this can save valuable pounds. Finally the last advantage of shopping online is that it will save you cash in incidental costs. Undoubtedly when you go to the high street you will purchase a snack, a coffee or some food at highly inflated prices. If you shop online you can drink your perfectly good coffee and food from your own fridge at very reasonable prices. High street shopping costs you a lot more than you think.

3. Don’t over wash your clothes. With your existing clothes or new clothes, don’t over wash them. Obviously if they smell or are dirty you must wash them, but before you wash your garments check if they actually require to be washed. Over washing garments will make them look old long before their time.

4. Jump into the mix of the January sales. This advice is not me being a grinch, it is just simple logic. So many items of clothing will be reduced in the January and early 2010 sales. There are some great savings to be made. This isn’t to say you should have gone out on Boxing Day and faced the crush. Waiting until January and February is perfectly acceptable, there are equally good bargains to be found.

5. Buy next year’s winter coat and clothes in the early 2010 Sales and save them for next winter. Just as finding some great bargains for now, there are some great items that are available in the sales that you can pick up and put away in the back of the wardrobe and pull them out next winter. The savings you can make are huge.

6. Accessorise. It is a far cheaper way to funk up your wardrobe. Items of clothing clearly cost more than hats, scarves, bangles, necklaces, bags and gloves. Shop online for accessories and there is a double saving.

7. Spread your social circle. This may well be a little more expensive than the other options, but if you spend time with different people, they will not know the age of your clothing. The clothing is new again, you will receive compliments about clothing you have had for many months and it will give you a real confidence boost.

8. Buy neutral colours. When you buy major pieces of clothing this winter, purchase neutral colours that will match with many things that you already own. Usually a winter coat is a major purchase, if you buy a coat that fits with all your items then although other items may not be new, by wearing your shining new coat it will make all your other items feel fantastic.

This winter can be fun, festive and fruitful for us all in all areas of our life. We have even been lucky enough to see some winter snow; which we secretly wish would now disappear, shhh don’t tell the children. There is no need to break the bank to stay looking wonderful, just spice things up a little with a few different ideas and have a wonderful winter.