Latest Fashion Dresses Latest Fashion Ideas and Style Tips Tue, 26 May 2015 07:32:13 +0000 en-US hourly 1 //?v=4.1.6 Award Plaques, another Way to Record Best Moments Ever award-plaques-another-way-to-record-best-moments-ever.html award-plaques-another-way-to-record-best-moments-ever.html#comments Tue, 19 May 2015 12:25:57 +0000 ?p=173 Read More »]]> Every moment has its own story. There are so many ways to keep some important moments in our life, such as taking pictures, writing every moment in a diary, having a handkerchief that can make us remember in what important moment we have that thing, and so on. In fact, there are so many people record some events by taking picture. Although it can also be a good thing to keep you remembering the events, it does not really good to make you really feel how prestigious those moments. To make you feel the prestige of those moments, you need a special thing.

The thing is well- known more as a plaque which can be made from metal, wood, or stone. As we can see in plaque, there is always a name of someone who is involved in an event and the event itself. The purpose of having someone’s name and the name of an event on the plaque is to make the person feel honor by having been involved in that event. In other words, the plaques can be called award plaques.

In award plaques, you can even put your picture on it. If it is compared with a picture you take to make you remember of an important event, award plaque is more impressive. The reason why it is more impressive is that the award plaque really tells you that you have been involved in a very important event in your life that may not happen anymore in your life. Also, you will always remember that event because the award plaque will be more durable than the photo.

Overall, do not forget to record every special moment you have in your life because that special moment can be only once in your life. Since photos are not enough to record your special moments, award plaques can be the best choice to record your special moments. Besides giving you more impression, award plaques are durable than photos.

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Latest Fashion Trends For This Year latest-fashion-trends-for-this-year.html latest-fashion-trends-for-this-year.html#comments Sun, 10 May 2015 08:59:49 +0000 ?p=93 Read More »]]>

Everyone wants to look beautiful and step out in style. The fashion trends change from one year to another and thus everyone wants to follow the latest fashion trends. Like every year, you will find a variety of the latest fashion trends for 2012 as well. One of the most noticeable highlight of the latest fashion trends includes the soft colored clothing, especially for girls. You will find them in several styles and designs. Yellow, green, blue and pink are merging as some of the preferred choices. People love these peppy colors.

As the concern towards the environment is increasing day by day, a lot of people are also opting for eco friendly items and clothing is no different. Customers are also giving more preference to clothing that is manufactured by eco friendly methods or fabric which is eco friendly. Some of the eco friendly materials that are used for making the clothing pattern are bamboo and cotton.

Mixed style of clothing also contributes to the latest trends in fashion. You need to match the color tones of the shirt and trousers you are wearing. In simpler words, the looks of the 80’s is making a comeback. Many stores and fashion designers are offering a great deal of punk dresses of the 80’s. You can pick them to get a stylish look. Flower dresses are becoming extremely popular for girls this year. From skirts to gowns to jeans, there is variety of floral prints available. For girls, these dresses are ideal for the season.

Animal prints are making a comeback this year. Almost all the premier fashion stores are selling them. Short skirts are still enjoying their share in popularity. They are available in great designs, sizes and materials. Some of the most popular variations in skirts are tutus, twirls as well as bubbles. Lace styled Victorian clothes are also an important part in the latest trends. This is one of the most sought after dresses among girls.

Sometimes people start following the latest fashion trends blindly, not realizing that whether it suits them to north. Everyone has got his or her own personality and style and thus you need to buy clothing that is not only fashionable but comfortable as well. Fashion is something which you cannot get rid of as it helps to enhance your personality. Since it changes frequently, you need to update yourself on the latest fashion trends.

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Winter Fashion Trends winter-fashion-trends.html winter-fashion-trends.html#comments Fri, 10 Apr 2015 08:59:49 +0000 ?p=87 Read More »]]> Winter is a difficult time to look fashionable, especially if you live in a colder climate. However, it is not impossible. To start with you can buy clothing that are made from warmer materials like wool and cashmere, and that also reflect the colors and patterns from this season’s clothing trends. Generally speaking winter fashion trends will relay partially on the timeless winter classics so you won’t need to replace your entire winter wardrobe to stay in style, as long as you know what these timeless pieces are you should only have to buy a few new winter pieces each season to stay in style.

Winter-Fashion-TrendsTo build a winter wardrobe that follows the current winter fashion trends you will want to start with your footwear. While you may not think that winter boots offer much flexibility when it comes to fashion choices there really are a lot of great options to choose from. However, if you want a boot that will remain in style through several seasons then you can’t go wrong with a black winter boot. Then if you winter budget can stand it, buy a second and/or third pair of boots in this season’s colors and styles.

The next area of your body that you will want to protect from the coldness of winter is the lower half of your body. To stay warm look for pants that have a flattering cut for your body type and that are also made from a heavier material like wool. If you like to wear skirts in the winter then you can protect your legs by wearing colored tights.

To really pull your fashion forward winter wardrobe together you will want to look for top options that really pop. Sweaters, scarves, and fashion accessories can also easily be added to reflect winter fashion trends from this season. For the best clothing options for your body, look for tops that have a shape that de-emphasizes your problem areas and that also have a color palette that compliments your skin tone and hair color.

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Summer Fashion Essentials summer-fashion-essentials.html summer-fashion-essentials.html#comments Wed, 04 Mar 2015 08:59:49 +0000 ?p=89 Read More »]]> Summer-Fashion-EssentialsGo have some fun. Make it more pleasurable by inviting a friend to join you on a girlfriend’s day out. Treat yourselves to a lovely lunch. Go for broke and stay overnight in a hotel with spa facilities where you can relax and be pampered. Make sure that you have a manicure and pedicure.

What are the on trend colors for the summer season? Where do you get your inspiration and ideas from?

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color. Monochromatic color schemes are chic and will always be high in the fashion stakes, but it is time to break out.

One of the hottest colors to look out for is Coral. So vibrant and generally suits most complexion types. Orange, Jade and bright yellow are also popping up everywhere. If you are not so confident to wear such bright colors, go for accessories, shoes, bags or adorn yourself with beautiful jewelry.

Look online for ideas on websites such as ASOS, Net a Porter. Online magazines such as InStyle, Vogue or Elle, see what the celebrities are wearing. What was hot on the catwalk?

Be brave mix textures and patterns.

Tone down your outfit by tempering your bold and colorful pieces by pairing them with black basics. A beautiful coral dress with black accessories or the other way round, a classic little black dress teamed with bold accessories and you have an instant wow factor.

Swimwear – essential that you feel comfortable. If you do not have that bikini perfect body, do not despair. There are some amazing one piece or tankini sets that you can mix and match color and styles. Go for an eye-popping beach cover-up, either in a bold color (pick out the color from your swimwear) or a crochet/lace style. Team with a wide- brimmed hat, sunglasses, a pair of jazzy flip-flops and a beach bag.

Shorts – look for city style shorts, knee length or cropped length for the mature women are just as sexy as the short shorts!

Skirts – this is summer so the more fabric in the skirt the better, it should move with you when you walk, it should feel feminine. Asymmetrical hemlines are in fashion this season. Try before you buy!

Day dresses/sun dresses. The ‘Royal Wedding’ sparked gasps of adoration as Kate walked down the aisle in her stunning lace gown by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Fashionistas and designers all over the world were frantically trying to copy or design for the high street and stores; stylish/vintage creations.

Whether, you choose a classic column style dress, with nude lining and lace overlay for the evening or a floaty cheesecloth lace edged day dress. You just cannot go wrong.

Shrug v pashmina or both! Short cropped jacket or crochet lace cardigan. The choice is yours. Experiment with styles and shapes.

Trousers – linen, linen, linen. Trousers should be partially or fully lined to avoid them becoming creased too easily. Look for a cotton mix to minimize creasing. Silk Hareem pants are stylish and beautiful. Can be worn with heels or a flat beaded sandal.

Accessories – Go to town literally. Sandals wedges are a must, flattering to the leg and comfortable too. While flip- flops are acceptable for the beach, you need something a little more chic for daytime and certainly evening.

Handbags and purses – match up with your footwear, clutch bags are simple, easy to carry and available in all sizes styles and shades of color. You could always add your own embellishments to add your own personal touch.

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Asian and Korean Fashion Style asian-and-korean-fashion-style.html asian-and-korean-fashion-style.html#comments Wed, 25 Feb 2015 08:59:49 +0000 ?p=85 Read More »]]> Fashion is an ever changing concept. Fashion lies icon style, fashion lies in presentation, fashion lies in the way you talk and also on the way you perceive things. style changes from country to country. The concept is differently practiced in different places depending on the climate and choice of the general population.

Korean-FashionWhen talking about Asian style you have so much to say and so many things to present. Asian influence on fashion genre has increased with days. Several Asian countries have now entered fashion competitions to prove their likeness and respect towards impending fashion. Before they used to dot upon local markets and now they want to reach out to international fashion bazaars. They have crossed the lines and have always tried to come up with something new and extraordinary. This is what Asian style all about is. Lots of Asian designers are flooding the international fashion market with their innovations and fashionable endeavors. Most Indian designers are trying to mix and match traditionalism with contemporary fashion to make something really pleasing and appreciable.

Korean style is a more restricted one. They really find it hard to move out from their respective boundaries and present the world with something new and unique. Korean fabrics are excellent and they are enough to give other cloth materials a tough fight. Korean people have a legendary fashion history. They like to rule with conventional styles among contemporary fashion lovers. Korean fashion designers are hard workers. There is no scope of any kind of loop holes in the kind of design they are presenting the world. It is only that they are not so much interested in experimenting with their age old authentic fashion. They love the way they have always been. They dislike breaking rules and this is what Korean fashion is all about.

After the Koreans the Japanese to are not far behind. They have a host of their personal collections as well. Japanese fashion designers are both amazing and exceptional. Japanese fashion reflects both culture and soul. Its fashion reflects Japanese tradition and history. Japanese fashion is a perfect mixture of the past and the present. Starting from their traditional kimono ton contemporary western style outfits the Japanese fashion conscious population has always made a mark in fashion industry. Japanese fashion is not about flaunting.

They have silently presented the international market with world class designs. Japanese are extremely fashion conscious people because they believe in out and out enrichment with age, time and style. However, they hate unnecessary experimenting with uniqueness because they believe that what is traditional is always pure and trusted. Thus the world of international fashion has a lot to learn from Japanese fashion conscious people. They have presented the world with a different and exemplary STYLE STATEMENT.

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