Summer Fashion Vs Winter Fashion

By | September 25, 2014

Summer fashion is different from fall and winter fashions. All seasons have their own flavors giving a chance for the fashion designers and fashion conscious people to bring out their creativity in line with the season. While summer fashions are easy to maintain and wear, winter fashion does need a bit of careful consideration not only on account of design aspect, but also even on the part of the person wearing the clothes during winter. In rainy season everything you wear, your clothes, shoes as well as hair needs to be managed to look get and not get soggy.

Winter is the time to wear thick and warm clothes made with wool, flannel, silk, fur and knitted sweaters. They help you get warm and keep warm all the time.

You can bring out all of your hat collection as well as wear hooded shirts in winter. Gives you a great opportunity to try out to be fashionable as well as protect yourself from the dampness of the rains.

Wearing thin and see through clothes would not be appropriate and instead always choose thick materials and wear jackets. Choose dark colored jeans and tuck them into the boots to keep your feet and legs dry. At all times avoid white and bright plain colors.

When approaching winter, it is always better to store all your heels and sandals away and take out the boots. Fashionable boots go with all kinds of dresses including jeans, skirts and tights etc. They will help your skin look fresh and not dry. It does make sense to wear shoes made out of rubber or other synthetic materials so that it doesn’t get spoilt in water.

Same cautions apply to your handbags too. It is better to use bags that come in synthetic materials and which do not get spoilt or catch moss during winter. Carry big handbags and keep a set of clothes in them or an extra sweater that can come in handy.

Anything you forget to carry during the rains is fine but you must not forget to carry an umbrella. Always invest in buying a good sturdy umbrella in bright colors to keep you company all through the winter.