Top Spring Fashion Pick – Shearling Coats

By | January 25, 2015

With the arrival of spring comes green grass and budding blooms but the temperatures are still on the cool side. We may not want to keep wearing our full length mink and fox fur coats so the perfect springtime garment is a shearling coat or jacket.

All things youthful and new abound in spring. Shearling is ideal for spring fashion in that it is timeless and youthful. Toddlers to octogenarians are fashion forward wearing sheepskin coats and jackets. Shearling is a fur that doesn’t appear to be fur, which has always made it popular with the youth. Many teenage girls that don’t want to look like their mother wearing an obvious fur like chinchilla or sable prefer the bohemian rebel look of a shearling coat with hints of fur showing at the collar and cuff.

One of the main reasons that shearling is so perfect for spring is that it is a very lightweight yet supremely insulating material. The fur side of the pelt is normally worn on the inside which creates a more sleek look, excellent for springtime fashion. With spring comes color and sheepskin pelts are excellent for dying. A lightweight yet warm coat in platinum, peach, red lipstick, gold, taupe, caramel or blue lagoon is a top fashion pick for spring. An increasing number of big name fashion designers are incorporating sheepskin into their fashion lines because of its’ tender and timeless allure.

Shearling coats are made from the pelts of young sheep that have been sheared once. The coat can be buttery supple especially if it originates from Spain, Portugal, France or Italy. Due to climate, breeding and food sources the southern European countries produce sheep with hides of the perfect thickness and wool density. A shearling coat that originates from one of these countries may cost more but it will be of the very best quality.

If you live in an area where spring is still more cold than cool, then you may prefer a shearling coat made with pelts from Iceland, Australia or New Zealand. Sheep in these areas are larger and have heartier pelts. The skin is thicker and each wool fiber is more robust. The shearling garment will then be slightly less supple and extremely insulating.

Shearling coats are a top spring fashion pick because of their incredible versatility. A sheepskin jacket or coat is the perfect outerwear to put over a springtime corporate suit, strapless party dress, floral sundress, or jeans and t-shirt. It has a chameleon quality that makes it perfectly blend in with any type of fabric or fashion style for which it is paired. Some hot pairings are a bomber style shearling jacket paired with a flowing maxi-dress, a sheepskin car coat paired with a short floral sundress and cowboy boots and a sheepskin duffel coat worn with t-shirt, scarf, and jeans.

In the spring it can be very cold one minute then warm the next. To stay comfortable and look exceptionally fashionable this spring add a touch of shearling to your wardrobe.